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On this page you will find full testimonials from coaching clients. If you are a client and would like to have your testimonial added, please get in touch.


My name is Lilly A from Ohio and my journey with pelvic floor dysfunction began in February. I had symptoms of a pelvic organ prolapse for a few years & I went to a physician who said I needed this surgery so I had a sacrocoplexy & gild standard bladder sling for incontinence that I never had. Only 7 weeks later I was experiencing pelvic pain, pain with intercourse & voiding problems. I was told the mesh was not my problem. I found out it was & a few weeks later I had a complete removal surgery that took 10 hours. I was informed that I may be left incontinent from it , but I was devastated when it was truly happening to me total incontinence. I was having pain in the bladder, and pelvis, bowel problems and I would pee myself just standing up from a chair. I felt alone, scared, angry, sad, I didn’t know how to help myself.

I began to research and found The Flower Empowered Site, I read through it all and immediately emailed Denise Conway. I was so excited to get a response right away. After speaking with Denise & explaining my situation she suggested a weekly coaching. I felt such hope that I would get better! As the weeks passed she was teaching me how to retrain my nervous system, how to relax my hypertonic pelvic floor, tops for more productive bowel movements, easing into intercourse with my husband pain free, then came the gradual approach of strengthening exercises & breathing ( I never knew the correlation between my pelvis & my breath)! The way that Denise designs a plan that fits my situation every week and the passion & skill she has with explaining each and every exercise or technique is amazing, it’s easy to follow and having the knowledge of why is so comforting!

I am so happy to say that finding The flower empowered and utilizing the weekly coaching has helped me heal. I better understand my body and my pelvic floor. My pain is gone and my incontinence is improved 90%. Denise has given me the tools I need in my tool box to overcome this battle. What I love best is her positive attitude and constant reminder to be kind to myself. At the end of each video she states “ together we can & will make a difference “ & this is so true. So with genuine sincerity I say,  if you are experiencing any pelvic dysfunction please reach out to Denise Conway for coaching.
Best wishes,  Lilly A


After treatment for prostate cancer 11 months ago I  had the misfortune to suffer a couple of side effects which have affected my pelvic floor function.
Now for the good news. I had the good luck to come across Denise’s web site ( theflowerempowered.com) four months ago. Her advise and training have improved my confidence greatly and I now have coping mechanisms which I can apply, with confidence, without becoming disheartened by the situation.
I have heard that if you want a problem fixed, work with someone who has experienced the same problem.
Using her own experiences as a base to work from she has built a wealth of knowledge on pelvic floor matters and she applies this to her pelvic floor coaching in an empathetic way. Her explanations are clear and easy to follow. Her coaching has been absolutely appropriate for my situation and her patience has been contagious.
No subject is taboo in her quest to take pelvic floor issues out of the closet.
In summary, she is knowledgeable, empathetic, clear in her communication, and patient. What more can you ask for in a coach ?
My wife and I are so glad that I have had this opportunity to work with her.


weekly or monthly

If you are working through the Eight-phase program in the book, doing the online video course or just looking for some encouragement and support then online coaching may be for you. It is important to note that coaching does not offer or replace medical advice, but rather can be viewed as a compliment. You should always speak with relevant healthcare professionals before undertaking any training or coaching programs.

  • Accountability and encouragement
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Do you struggle to stay motivated with training? Weekly or monthly coaching sessions can help to keep you motivated by keeping you accountable. The journey of empowerment is never a straight and easy path. Having someone to talk to on your dark days and someone to congratulate you when you reach a progress milestone will empower you to succeed.


Denise (herself a recoverer from severe pelvic pain) is a superb teacher, and an evangelist in her promotion of pelvic health issues. I cannot rate her highly enough. She has an extensive knowledge of the physical complexities of the pelvic structure and of up to date mind body understanding, whereby it is known that the brain has become stuck in a self perpetuating loop. She uses this knowledge, together with her further informed ideas, in tailoring her teaching to the specific problems of the individual. She is tireless in suggesting different strategies in search of what best moves the individual forwards in the healing journey. Her positivity is infectious and an important factor in recovery. This is a niche area in which there is a dearth of support for sufferers of many different types of pelvic pain. To have found Denise is a start on your own journey of recovery. I can’t wait to read this book; I know it will be a must for anyone suffering from or treating pelvic pain.